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This is the official website of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and Kappa Delta Sigma Sorority, Philippines.

We are an organization of men and women dedicated to the proposition that the individual is sovereign and committed to the propagation of a philosophy of self-empowerment based on objective free thought.

We advocate the pursuit of personal revolution by consciousness.

Our aim: To advance the flowering of the human mind as a means to emancipate and empower the individual for the well being of all of humanity.

If you are member of this organization, you may connect with your fellow Sigmans and Deltans by visiting the “Member’s Area.”


About the Kindred

Kappa Sigma Fraternity

official emblem of the kappa sigma fraternity Kappa Sigma is a fraternity of free-thinking men established to propagate a philosophy of self-empowerment based on objective free thought.

Kappa Sigma was founded in the Philippines on November 30, 1985 by three university students who banded together to form the fraternity’s founding core. They are: Edd Leal, Titus Toledo, and Macario Macanas.

The Greek letters “Kappa” [Κ] and “Sigma” [Σ] stand for “Kindred of Sages.”

Kappa Delta Sigma Sorority

the official emblem of the kappa delta sigma sorority Kappa Delta Sigma is a sorority of free-thinking women established to promote an enlightened and empowered sisterhood.

Also founded in the Philippines in 1985, Kappa Delta Sigma is the official sister organization of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

The Greek letters “Kappa” [Κ], “Delta” [Δ], and “Sigma” [Σ] stand for “Kindred Daughters of Sages.”

About joining the Kindred

Any individual of merit of at least collegiate age who subscribes to the principles of the Kindred and is willing to abide by the practice of the Kindred may seek membership in the Kindred.

Declaration of Objectives

I. To propagate a philosophy of self-empowerment based on objective free thought;

II. To serve as a common ground for the promotion of independent scholarship, the advancement of open creative enterprise, and the free exchange of ideas– art, science, culture, and community, in all its liberating forms;

III. To instill the ethic of individual excellence (i.e. areté) among members in all chosen pursuits;

IV. To foster a kindredship of equals among all free-willing, free-thinking, and free-acting individuals around the world;

V. To work towards the realization of a truly enlightened and empowered humanity.

The Doctrine (Six Guiding Principles)

OBJECTIVITY. The Kappa Sigman is objective. To be objective is to be real: real to the world, real to oneself, and above all, real to one’s mind. He seeks the truth in him, with him, and through him, and, therefore, despises the sham, the pretense, and the artificial in man.The Kappa Sigman keeps himself open to reality by keeping an active reason toward reality. He deals with life as it is, in the only way he knows–as himself. He is objective because he views man as both an end and a means unto himself and holds that the object of humanity is humanity itself.

FREE THOUGHT. The Kappa Sigman is a free thinker. He believes that if one must be objective, one must be free to think—without bounds and holding no idea sacred but the idea of free thought. He keeps not only an open mind, but moreso an active mind. In any discussion, he accepts no absolutes other than those validated by the light of reality through the lens of reason. In life, he pursues no undertaking other than those he truly believes and genuinely feels for.

INDIVIDUAL EXCELLENCE. Because the Kappa Sigman values his mind, he ceaselessly strives to perfect the products of his mind, which is the essence of individual excellence (areté). Wherever he may be and whatever field he may choose as a free man, the Kappa Sigman strives to excel on his own terms. If he chooses to be a plumber, he strives to be the best plumber he can possibly be. It is not so much the sum of his social status that matters to him most but the value he places upon what he does and the pride he draws upon what he is doing. He does no work half-heartedly because he engages in no work that is not worth his while. The Kappa Sigman cannot help but excel, because he loves his work and believes in it.

BROTHERHOOD OF EQUALS. Kappa Sigma is a brotherhood of equals. Brothers, because by choice, Kappa Sigmans are united by a common tradition, a common humanity. Equals, because in essence, they are bound by a common conviction, a common belief in the endurance of the individual human spirit. One does not become a Kappa Sigman merely by virtue of one’s initiation. To become a Kappa Sigman, one must earn the title every second of one’s waking life, giving shape to one’s beliefs, in both letter and spirit, principle and practice, thought and action, body and mind.

ABSOLUTE LOYALTY. A Kappa Sigman is one with his fraternity. By choice, he submits himself to the interests of his fraternity, which is the principle of absolute loyalty. Those who see a contradiction here fail to fully grasp the essence of the Kindred. The Kappa Sigman and Kappa Sigma are one and the same. They are two parts of the same whole– integral and inseparable. To be loyal to the fraternity is to be faithful to the principles the fraternity stands for, which are the very same principles that make man “man” and give meaning to man’s existence in this world. To be loyal to Kappa Sigma is to be loyal to one’s mind.

POSITIVE FRATERNAL DISCIPLINE. But all this will remain empty verbiage without fraternal discipline. Fraternity discipline ensures the Kappa Sigman’s transition from conversation to conversion—from communication to communion. It is discipline from within, because it imposes no conduct above or apart from one’s purpose and self-esteem. It is discipline in a positive light because it seeks to break the fences that separate man from his world and above all from himself. The Kappa Sigman abides by positive fraternal discipline because he recognizes that no change is possible without a change of one’s life, that no revolution is possible without a revolution from within, and that the world cannot begin to regain its lost humanity unless man regains his lost self.

—Based on and excerpted from “Notes On The New Doctrine”/Xeretik, © June 1995.

Officials of the Supreme Councils


Supreme Grand Lord Sigman:
Eduardo B Leal

Supreme Deputy Grand Lord Sigman:
Marnie D Chan

Sigman Scribe of the Supreme Council:
Rosendo M. Makabali

Sigman Bursar of the Supreme Council:
Juan Carlo Toledo

Sigman Herald of the Supreme Council:
Titus Toledo

Sigman Marshal of the Supreme Council:
Jesser Mundia


Head/Deltan Organizing Committee:
Wyen Toledo


Xeretik (formerly "Praxis") is a journal of freethought. It serves as the official publication of Kappa Sigma issued periodically to all members, consisting of news and updates pertinent to the fraternity, articles and essays relevant to its objectives and principles, among other material resources.

Xeretik may be freely accessed on the web.

Member’s Area

This is a members-only section. If you are a member of this organization and especially if you are new here and would like to connect with your fellow Sigmans and Deltans, you may email and request clearance to access any of our official online channels listed below.

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