Covid, Objectively

Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.; close-up view of vocalist Bob Dylan, August 28, 1963

You can’t call the news fair, balanced, and moreso objective if it only tells one side of the story. The same logic applies to Covid.

Below are two sides to the issue. One from the main official source for all things Covid. The other from one of many “unofficial” sources that question everything about the official narrative.

Be that as it may.

The thinking animal approaches both sources equally with an open mind. From there he proceeds with what rational faculties he has at his disposal and attempts to connect his own dots. If he could not make heads or tails of what he is starting to see, he forges on. With objectivity as his guiding principle he tries to draw his own conclusions, assuming he even arrives at one.

He has done his homework. He has done his own research.

It is possible that the entire exercise may leave him even more confused than before he first began this newfound personal scholarship of his, but that’s alright.

Confusion is also conclusion.

And besides, no true science is ever really finished. Which is why the best scientists always keep an open mind.

Outside now alone with is beer he hums along to bob singing “the answer my friend…

He takes a swig, flips a coin, big bright Dog Star in the sky.

World Health Organization: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Questioning Covid – Clinicians, Researchers, & Health Experts from Around the World Interrogating the Mainstream Narrative Around the Pandemic

34th Kindred Congress

34th Kindred Congress
30 November 2019, Saturday, 4PM at the Scribe’s Nunciature
13-18A Avocado Street, Trinidad Village, Angeles City, Philippines

Congress Fee: P500 (for food & drinks)
To be paid on or before Nov 9, 2019 (deadline)
Direct all payments to the bursar via any of the ff mehods:
–Bank deposit: Unionbank, Juan Carlo Toledo, acct# 109452531767
–Palawan pera padala: Juan Carlo Toledo, #0997 345 7003
–Meetup: Angeles City Rotunda, SM-Telebastagan, SM-Clark, AUF: just call #0997 345 7003


Message from the Founder


Dear brod:

This is the founder writing you in my official capacity as your supreme grand lord sigman.

Effective today, September 21, 2017, I am placing all members of Kappa Sigma, including the members of my council, on loyalty check pending the fulfillment of the following precondition:

If you are still with us– that is, if you still count yourself as an upright and loyal brother of Kappa Sigma– you are hereby directed to submit your name and contact details to, in the manner strictly as outlined below:

1) FULL NAME (First Middle Last)=
2) DATE OF BIRTH (e.g. November 30, 1985)=
3) BATCH NAME (e.g. 1985-A Xeretik)=
4) CHAPTER (i.e. the school/university you were inducted into)=
5) NAME OF SPONSOR (or batchmate or any officer present at the time of your induction, so long as the name you provide is still a member)=
6) HOME ADDRESS (for mailing, complete and with zip code)=
8) PERSONAL EMAIL (company/office emails invalid)=
9) MOBILE NOS. (list all that apply)=

Important!: Incomplete submissions, including those that do not follow the specified format, are null and void and may cause your email to be permanently blocked. The same applies to all off-topic responses. If you do not have a facebook account, you will need to get one for verification purposes.

Be duly advised that by submitting your contact details, you are heretofore and by the same token renewing and reaffirming the oath of loyalty you took the day you were sworn into the fraternal fold, in essence: to promote and protect the good name and integrity of Kappa Sigma, abide by its doctrine and decrees, obey its constitution and bylaws, and uphold the “Way of the Sigman.”

In other words, do not bother submitting your contact details if for whatever reason you think you are no longer in a position to honor your word and live by your oath. I will take nothing less.

You have until November 1, 2019 to submit, which should give you more than enough time to think this through. Study the Mother Constitution and decide if you are still willing to be bound by its letter and spirit, without question or reservation. Review the Guiding Principles and reflect on whether the fraternity still resonates with you, in thought and in deed. Ask yourself: Do I still want this? Is it still worth my time and energy?

If, after November 1, 2019, your contact details are not yet with me, I will take your inaction to mean that you no longer wish to keep your membership (i.e. definitive proof of disinterest, desertion, arrant disregard if not outright defiance) and have your name officially removed from the fraternity’s roster of members.

In other words, only those who complied and submitted their names and contact details to on or before November 1, 2019 shall from thereon forward be considered bonafide members of the fraternity. No exceptions. No extensions. No excuses.

As for the rest— after November 1, 2019— there is no rest.

Note: Do not waste my time. Do not say you are unaware. Do not say you have not been informed. While it is your right to be duly informed, it is equally your duty to keep yourself informed– by making yourself accessible (and available), through our official website, our mailinglist, or by simply making an effort to reconnect with your fraternity.

Until then, be reminded that you remain on loyalty check with the full measure of your membership rights and privileges, except your right to resign, contingent upon your compliance (see Appendix I, Mother Constitution).

To the brod who cannot submit and commit, this is your chance at a graceful and dignified exit. To the brod who chooses to stay, be prepared to work because I will take your word for it.

This is a loyalty check.

Fraternally yours,

Founder/SGLS, Kappa Sigma, Philippines

PS. If you are reading this message elsewhere, say, via the fraternity’s official website or any of the fraternity’s official online channels, you may respond to my call, granting you still wish to keep your membership, and submit your contact details, subject to the specifications outlined in this letter, to

PPS. Feel free to share this letter to any brod. Simply copy the following link and send it to whom it may concern: